Precision engineering in each ball valve

Remington strives to ensure each valve we produce provides durable long lasting sealing capabilities. We achieve this by automation of coating application and lapping processes. 

Smooth sealing surfaces allow seamless transition from open to closed positions without adding additional stress to the coated surface. Our coated surfaces are much less likely to pull away from base material, primarily due to our lapping and coating techniques.

We also maintain matched thermal expansion characteristics between base material and coatings. This effort reduces stress on the coatings to insure quality and dependability. 

Our ball valve design program optimizes the internal parts of our valves to provide exacting fit and function. Our computer programs run thousands of iterations which optimizes designs resulting in larger sealing areas, lower torque requirements and higher than standard safety factors. Close tolerance parts machined to exacting standards, result in long lasting dependable products.

We understand the harsh applications our valves are used in, and our goal is to provide our customers the best value possible in a dependable engineered product.

For complete details on the dimensions and CVs for each of our valve sizes and classes, please see our downloadable PDF. All products are designed in accordance with ASME, ANSI standards.