Metals & Minerals Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL)

Design and material compatibility are critical to the success of valves in mining applications. Our engineering team has developed specialized coatings and standard features to provide the shut off and performance required.

Acidic conditions, solids and temperature are all factors in considering material of constructions and design. Remington utilizes the most corrosive resistant material of constructions in each valve built. Titanium and Ferralium are typical materials used in constructions. These materials provide excellent corrosion resistance to demanding acidic environments.

Coatings provided have been tested and produced excellent results in the Autoclave environment. Remington specifically formulates our coating to provide strength, durability and corrosion resistances.

  • Dual springs for solids exclusion prevent solids from building up and locking up our valves.
  • Constant contact seat design allows for bi directional worry free service in slurry systems.
  • Valve optimization allows our valves to operate under lower torque requirements, allowing higher safety factors, without additional cost.
  • Actuation packages for remote locations available.
  • Remington can provide OEM actuation packages in pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators.