Power Generation Valves

Specifically designed for the Power Industry, Remington Valve provides consistent, reliable performance in the most demanding applications. Automated or Manual operation, Remington can provide a cost effective solution to your critical service valve needs.

Typical applications:

  • Mud Drum Valves
  • Main Steam Drains
  • Attemporator Spray Water Block Valves
  • Main Steam Stop Before & After Seat Drains
  • Main Steam Turbine Isolation
  • Main Steam Attemporator
  • HP Turbine Bypass
  • Turbine Drains
  • Extraction Steam Isolation
  • Extraction Steam Drain Valves
  • Feed water inlet isolation
  • Feed water outlet isolation
  • By-pass isolation
  • Shell side vents
  • Shell side drains
  • Level control isolation
  • Shell side instrument isolation
  • Thermal Drains
  • Pump Discharge Isolation
  • Main Line Isolation
  • Rupture Disk Isolation
  • Instrument Isolation
  • Vents and Drains
  • Sootblower Systems