Critical Service Valves - Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, and Pulp & Paper

Critical, Severe Service Remington G Series Valves

Critical and severe service valves are expected to perform under extreme conditions. Remington's G-SERIES valve does just that. We custom design valves for severe/critical services in the refining, petrochemical, pulp & paper, chemical and power generation industries. Our proven track record in heavy industries applications allows Remington to provide valves that perform, as required, no matter what the application. 
Typical critical severe service applications:
  • Coke Drum Isolation: Overhead Vapor Line, Feed Isolation
  • Blowdown
  • Heater Isolation
  • Cutting Water Isolation
  • Safety Relief Valve Isolation
  • Control Valve Isolation and Bypass
  • Heater Drain Valves
  • Lockhopper (High Cycle)
  • Hydrogen Isolation
  • Nitrogen Isolation
  • 3rd and 4th Stage Separator Isolation
  • Slurry Loop Isolation
  • Fractionator Bottom Pump Isolation and ESD
  • Heater Isolation
  • CO Boiler Steam Isolation
  • CO Boiler Start-Up Vent
  • Hydrogen Isolation
  • Catalyst Feed and Withdrawal
  • Catalyst Isolation
  • Control Valve Isolation
  • Coal Powder Feed
  • Char Isolation Valves
  • Ash Water Isolation
  • Black Water Isolation
  • Oxygen Isolation (Low and High Temperature)
  • Nitrogen Isolation
  • Slurry Service
  • Black/Green/White Liquor
  • Autoclave (HPAL)
  • Pressure Oxidation
  • High Temperature Syngas