Mining Application Valves

Mining processes are very demanding and require the use durable components in process applications. Valves must be able to withstand the erosive and corrosive effects of acidic slurry and process conditions. Remington Valve incorporates the latest engineering design, coating and lapping systems in the construction of every valve to handle the demands of the industry.

Our Dual Solids Excluder Spring design and the development of Dual Energized Seat arrangement practically eliminates solid particles from entraining behind the seats. This eliminates ball seizure and allows free movement of the ball in slurry environments.

Application of coatings is critical in the performance of coated surfaces. Remington uses state of the art robotically controlled coating application methods to apply our specifically formulated coatings. This allows our coatings to achieve exceptional bond strength, thickness and density to ensure longevity and performance.

Remington Valve has automated the lapping process to provide consistent and repeatable tight shut off sealing surfaces. These surfaces are free of ridges and valleys that could cause a ripping effect when transitioning the valve from the open to closed to open positions extending the life cycle of our products.

Our engineering staff first designed mining valves in 1999, developing products for INCO GORO Nickel Mine in New Caledonia. Since then constant attention to improvement in coatings, lapping and metallurgy have allowed Remington to provide durable valves for severe/critical services worldwide.


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