Coatings and Sealing

Coatings and Sealing<br />

Remington uses several different coating materials and application methods based on customer service conditions. Ongoing research and development allow Remington to provide the best, cost effective solution to your service conditions.

High Velocity Oxygen Fueled (HVOF) robotically controlled spray techniques are used to apply our formulated Chrome Carbide and Tungsten Carbide powders. The HVOF process mechanically bonds the coating to the base material using a high velocity spray system. The robotically controlled spray gun ensures a very dense, repeatable layer of coating. High velocity propels the grains of coating deep into the base material resulting in a very high bond strength.

Spray and Fuse coatings, offered by Remington, are designed to provide wear resistance, high bond strength and resistance to chemical attacks in all applications. The metallurgical bonded Chrome Carbide’s and Colmonoy coatings are used in high cycle, solids handling and high temperature applications. The process involves heating the base material and coating to extreme temperature fusing the coating into the surface of the base material.

Remington also provides specially formulated coatings for acidic services. We have coated our sealing components with Titania, Tantalum, Chromia and other specially formulated powders with great success.

Once coated our lapping process provides a bubble tight seal on every valve produced. As with our coating process, our lapping process is mechanized to provide consistent and repeatable sealing surfaces.