R-SERIES (In-line repairable)

REMINGTON introduces our R-SERIES In-line repairable valve. (Patent Pending) Remove bolting, lift center section and replace ball and seat sets. Max spread required 1/8th inch.

  • No more cutting valves out to do costly repairs.
  • No more stress relieving when replacing welded valves (PWHT).
  • No expensive hub end connects, clamps and seals

This product is revolutionizing the industry. “This is a game changer”.

  • SIZE: 1/2" - 24" Inch (3 piece design)
  • PRESSURE CLASS: 150# through 4500# ANSI
  • SEALING OPTIONS: Uni-Directional & Bi-directional
  • MATERIALS: A105, F22, F91, F92 (All B16.34 materials)

All Valves Built to ASME B16.34 Specifications and Manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Having difficulties with existing valves? Give us a call and let our staff provide you with a valve designed specifically to handle your critical application 832-413-4400.

R-SERIES Advantages:

  • Serviceable in-line
  • Saves Money and time
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Repairable without cutting the installation welds
  • Eliminates further Post Weld Heat Treat (PWHT)
  • Customize your valve with different material combinations for piping changes
  • Custom end connect lengths eliminates the need for spool pieces

R- SERIES-In-Line Repairable Severe Service Ball Valve Brochure R- SERIES-In-Line Repairable Severe Service Ball Valve Brochure (1013 KB)

Image Gallery

R Series Disassembly Step 2R Series Disassembly Step 3 further upwardsR Series Disassembly Step 3R Series Disassembly Step 5
R Series Install Side viewR Series Valve

Features and Benefits

  • Body: All valves built from forgings – no castings
  • Ball & Seats: Both made from the same material to match thermal expansions
  • Lapping: Automated lapping process laps both sides of the ball to Class VI
  • Coating: Proprietary HVOF and Spray & Fused coatings, cutting edge technology
  • Stem: Surface hardened to eliminate galling
  • Articulating Gland Flange: Prevents stem binding and galling
  • Spring: Allows for thermal expansion and provides a constant mechanical seal
  • Grafoil Packing: Premium die-formed with Anti-extrusion rings – Live loaded
  • Body Seals: Three Proprietary seals allow the body to be removed without cutting the installation welds
  • Vacuum Testing: To ensure Class VI shut-off prior to installation
  • ASME B16.34: All valves built to ASME B16.34 requirements