Severe Service Valves

If you are looking for a full, reduced port, custom Cv, bi-directional or uni-directional style valve, the G-SERIES is Remington's custom designed valve for severe service applications.  High and low temperature, high and low pressure, corrosive, erosive, and abrasive environments, no service is too tough the for the G-SERIES valve.  

G-SERIES Severe Service Valve Sizes and Configurations

  • 1/2 through 24 Inch
  • 150# through 4500# ANSI
  • Full Port, Regular Port, Custom Ports (Specific Cv).
  • Raised Face Flange, Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Ring Type Joint, Hub End Connects
  • Special Designs

All Valves Built to ASME B16.34 Specifications

All of Remington's Severe Service Valves are designed to provide longevity and performance in critical service applications.

All G-SERIES valves are custom built to customer specific application and use the latest technological advancements to provide guaranteed shutoff to all on off applications.

Having difficulties with existing valve? Give us a call and let our staff provide you with a valve designed specifically to handle you critical application 832-413-4400.

Typical Applications

  • Catalyst Addition Withdraw
  • Hot Oil Catalyst
  • Pump Isolation
  • Mining Slurries
  • Gas Isolation
  • Hot Air
  • Bottoms Isolation
  • Feed Water
  • On Off Service
  • Solids Isolation
  • Coker Drum Isolation
  • All Severe / Critical Installations